Strawberry Tongue

Strawberry Tongue

A strawberry tongue is not a disease. Rather, it is a symptom of something about the body that is not right. The color could mean there is something very wrong, or even life-threatening, in the body. Or, it could be a symptom of a problem that might be easily rectified. It is mainly young children who might experience a strawberry tongue. Adults can, but that is seldom the case. The reason is, children do not have immune systems that are fully developed, so they are more susceptible to some diseases. If an adult experiences a strawberry tongue, it is usually because he or she has a weakened immune system.

Scarlet Fever Is One Disease Having The Symptom

A strawberry tongue is one of the symptoms  associated with scarlet fever. Scarlet fever was at one time a dread disease. It is not as common in this day and age as it once was, and is less of a problem due to the widespread availability of antibiotics. Thanks to better nutrition, people, especially young people, are less apt to come down with the disease. If they do, they are less apt to become seriously ill.

Listed below are a few facts about scarlet fever:

• It usually strikes children in the 4 to 8 age bracket.

• It is quite treatable and generally is not a serious illness.

• It is caused by the group A streptococci, or GAS, bacteria.

• It often looks worse than it is, and it responds quite well to rest, antibiotics, and fluids.

• The main danger posed by the disease is due to complications if the bacteria is allowed to spread to the bloodstream.

A Vitamin Deficiency Can Also Cause The Strawberry Color

A second common cause of strawberry tongue is vitamin deficiency, especially a vitamin B12 deficiency. A vitamin B12 deficiency, together with a deficiency in folic acid, will often make a person anemic. It’s not the deficiency itself which is the immediate danger, rather it is the fact that a person suffering from anemia can much more easily come down with various health problems. A strawberry tongue usually indicates the deficiency is quite severe, but the condition can easily be rectified by taking vitamin supplements over a period of 3 to 4 months.

Kawasaki Disease Is Another Possibility

A less well-known cause of strawberry tongue is Kawasaki disease. It is a childhood disease, although about 20% of those who come down with the disease are grownups. This disease is characterized by inflammation of the arteries, although what causes this inflammation is not well understood. Kawasaki disease responds well to medication if caught early. The danger it presents is that if it is not caught or treated early, there is a possibility of heart valve damage.

There are a number of other symptoms that can point to Kawasaki disease besides the color of the tongue. A person with the disease will usually have a fever. The fever will be over 101.3 degrees Fahrenheit, and may last for several day. It generally cannot be brought under control by conventional fever-reducing agents.

An enlarged tongue is another common symptom. As the tongue swells, it may be covered with a white film and have the strawberry color. The combination of a swollen tongue with a strawberry color and fever that lasts for more than 4 days is a fairly definite indication that Kawasaki disease is the cause. There may also be irritation present inside the mouth, on the lips, and in the throat. In some cases, the hands and soles of the feet may become red and irritated, and the eyes may appear reddened as well. Although Kawasaki disease can be life-threatening, only about 1% of those having the disease succumb to it.

Geographic Tongue – Harmless, But Irritating

Another disorder with this symptom bears the name geographic tongue. Here, white patches appear on the strawberry-colored tongue. The disorder is more irritating than serious and is usually short-lived. The cause of geographic tongue is not known, but it is believed by most medical experts that genetics can play a role as can a weakened immune system. Women seem more disposed than men to having this disorder.

Bacterial Toxic Shock Syndrome – Extremely Dangerous

The one truly dangerous disorder with which strawberry tongue is associated is the bacterial toxic shock syndrome. The staphylococcus bacteria is again the culprit. There are other symptoms of the syndrome, including high fever and headaches. Bacterial toxic shock syndrome is potentially fatal if not caught early on. In this case, a strawberry tongue can be a life-saver as it gives a definitive warning that something is wrong. Treatment for bacterial toxic shock syndrome primarily consists of an intravenous feeding of anti resistant antibiotics. In some cases, dialysis may be required to flush the bacteria from the bloodstream.

No matter what may lie behind this symptom, it is always recommended to bring it to the attention of your physician immediately. On the one hand, doing so could save a life. On the other hand, the doctor may only need to provide some vitamin supplements, or prescribe medication and bed rest.

List of 10 Best Tongue Cleaners


Until now I kept telling you about the importance of Tongue Cleaning using quality tongue cleaners and I have already shared with you some reviews of recommended tongue cleaners, like the Orabrush tongue cleaner, the Dr Tung’s Tongue Cleaner or the Orasweet Tongue Cleaner (and more reviews are planned!). However, I am sure that you would like to see a list of the best tongue cleaners out there and decide which one is the most suitable for you and your family. Therefore, I have decided to create this list of 10 best tongue cleaners and share it with you!

1. Orabrush Tongue Cleaner

There’s a reason why this is the most famous tongue cleaner out there: it’s one tongue cleaner of high quality and it has both a brush for brushing your tongue, as well as a solid plastic scarper to remove all the bacteria. This was the first product that started the entire tongue cleaning phenomena and I guess it really deserves the first place. Click here to find out more about and purchase the Orabrush Tongue Cleaner.

2. Dr. Tung’s Tongue Cleaner

Dr. Tung came with an interesting concept for a tong cleaner: one that you hold with two hands for better control of the cleaning process, and one that’s made of stainless steel to make it easier to clean and in order to give the tongue cleaner a longer life. It’s a really good product and you can click here to find out more about and purchase Dr. Tung’s Tongue Cleaner.

3. Orasweet Tongue Cleaner

Don’t let yourself fooled by the nice colors of this tongue cleaner – they don’t hide low quality! Created specifically to reach the hardest to reach areas of your tongue and to remove bacteria properly, this is highly recommended for the people who can push things a bit further and don’t get the gag effect. So click here to find out more about the Orasweet Tongue Cleaner.

4. Smile Brite Tongue Cleaner

I wanted to put this one at number one but this tongue cleaner’s high price made me reconsider. However, it is quality you get for that price (about $30 a piece!): the Smile Brite tongue cleaner is the most gentle of all the tongue cleaners and, just like the Orabrush, comes with a tongue brush too! Click here to learn more and purchase the Smile Brite Tongue Cleaner.

5. Oolitt Breath Wand

This set of tongue cleaners really looks like something brought in by a fairy: colorful and indeed looking like some magic wands, the Oolitt tongue cleaners really perform miracles and their unique shape makes it really easy to reach all the areas of the tongue and therefore clean as throughout as possible. Click here to learn more about the Oolitt Breath Wand kit.

6. Waterpik tongue cleaner

Designed by Waterpik, known for the quality of their products, these tongue cleaners are perfect for those who want to have a great design in everything, even a tongue cleaner! By far the best looking and most elegand tongue cleaners on the list, the Waterpik tongue cleaner is the perfect choice for the people who regard style as an important asset. Click here to purchase and learn more about the Waterpik tongue cleaners.

7. Pureline Tongue Cleaner Scraper

Made from a durable, FDA approved, biocompatible material, this tongue cleaner might not have a design as nice as that of its competitors, but it certainly does a great job because of its interesting concept that incorporates two items for cleaning the tongue at the same time. Therefore, the time spent cleaning your tongue will be greatly reduced! Click here to find out more about the Pureline Tongue Cleaner Scraper.

8. Miradent Tongue Cleaning Set

This is a nice pack that comes with both a tongue cleaner with a nice design and incorporated brush and a cleaning gel created specifically for the tongue, which won’t give you that burning sensation the toothpaste does. Normally, you don’t really have to use a specific gel with a tongue cleaner, but you’re safer if you do! Click here to find out more and purchase the Miradent Tongue Cleaning Set.

9. Tongue Sweeper Original

This is another tongue cleaner made of stainless steel which is more durable than plastic ones. Actually, this tongue “sweeper” is made of medical grade stainless steel which is also very flexible, making sure that the pressure on the tongue will not be too high, ever! However, it has a simplistic design and not that many features. Still, it is a great tongue cleaning product, so click here to find out more about and purchase the Tongue Sweeper Original.

10. Braun Oral-B Oral Care Essentials Pack

This is not just a tongue cleaner, so that’s why I have decided to keep it last since it’s not 100% fit for this list. However, if you want to make sure your oral hygiene is always at maximum levels and you want to renew your accessories, this pack is the perfect solution, coming with 1 interspace plug-on brush (cleaning of the interdental spaces, under bridges), 1 Oral-B Interdental cleaner for the cleaning of the interdental spaces and 1 Tongue Cleaner. Click here to purchase this great kit from Amazon.

This is my list of best Tongue Cleaners out there. As you probably noticed, there is actually not a huge difference from a tongue cleaner to another, most notable being the materials used (stainless steel or plastic) and their shape. But in the end, for your oral health it’s most important to use a tongue cleaner – any – since it’s better than nothing!

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Phentremine Civ-xR



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Phen375 Side Effects

What are Phen375 side effects vs Phentermine?

Phentermine is a stimulant that is similar to an amphetamine. Phentermine an appetite suppressant affects the central nervous system. Phentermine when combined with diet and exercise is known to treat obesity.

In 1959 Phentermine first received approval from the FDA as an appetite suppressant. It soon became a front runner as a weight loss aid.

After many cases of side effects came to light, the FDA decided to re classify it as a controlled substance and therefore only through prescription for patients considered obese they were able to acquire it.

Today, Phentermine’s popularity has reduced as a weight loss aid due to the controlled nature of the drug.

Many consumers who have used Phentermine have reported negative side effects. Side effects such as fast heartbeat, pounding in the chest, headaches, blurred vision, rash, hives, itching, tightness in the chest, swelling of the face, tiredness, bizarre behavior, chest pain, fainting, swelling of the legs, tremors, upset stomach, insomnia, chest pain, high blood pressure and more.

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How to Buy Phentermine Online?


The weight loss remedy has been helping people to manage the heaviness for more over than the last 4 decades. Phentermine is the most recommended diet pill for reducing weight. It is a rapid acting medicine that helps obese people lose weight specially when combined with a precise exercise and diet. It is administered to those patients whose weight has caused at sever clinical risk. Phentermine is available in market in all forms, as well as in other branded names. This does not mean that Phentermine can also be availed without doctor’s prescription, it is also conceivable to buy generic or herbal phentermine but these drugs may not be as efficient as the branded ones. The different generic class has different dosage of Phentermine, which makes the different impact on the body.

Generic Name:

Phentermine Hydrochloride

Trade Names:

Suprenza, Adipex-P, T-Diet, Duromine, Oby-Cap, Zantry and Metermine.

What is Phentermine?

Phentermine is a weight reduction drug mostly prescribe by health experts as a part of entire procedure in treating obesity. This fast acing drug stimulates the hypothalamus gland which controls the appetite and many other functions. It is also catalogue as an appetite suppressant that effects the emergency hormones of the body.  In addition to the weight loss cure, the treatment also requires a change in diet and exercise as well. It was approved by Food and Drug administration in 1959 as an appetite suppressant drug related to amphetamines and later on in 70’s it widely supplied through numerous pharmaceutical companies.  There are few necessary precautions while taking Phentermine which is should be taken into notice by both patient and doctor.

Biological name:

Phentermine Hydrochloride

Inactive ingredient of Phentermine:

Dibasic calcium phosphate dehydrate, crospovidone and magnesium stearate.

How does Phentermine work?

This diet pill is chemically manufactured in such a way that it changes the level of Serotonin present in your brain and accelerates blood pressure, in this way it put downs your carvings for food and in turn triggers amphetamines. Doctor assessment is required so the he could monitor your body mass index and help you chart out the effects and uses of Phentermine. This medication will help you to lose weight in a very short span of time, dosage is recommended for 3 to 10 weeks and not only that it is also capable of reducing calorie intake by almost 50%. Approximately a normal person can lose up to 13 to 17 pounds in couple of weeks, the process of burning of the fat present in the body starts with in less than 24 hours as with phentermine, with additional regular exercise is required to get accurate results.

Basic points before using Phentermine:

Before taking Phentermine It is essential that you consult your doctor regarding your normal routines and diet plans to prevent from any overdose and side effects from Phentermine.Children below age 16 are not encourage and authorized to take medicament, talk to doctor for pregnancy and breast feeding situations due to the unverified effects from this drug. Negligible side effects like dry mouth usually develops when it’s taken by individual on its own, history of drug addiction, heart problems and respiratory disease are highly advised to get doctors authorization first, since this drug has a potency of habit forming and also the adverse effects from Phentermine could be a nuisance.

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