Alleviated My Horrible Migraine Headaches

It was a Corte Madera chiropractor who was finally able to alleviate the horrible migraine headaches I suffered from since childhood. I remember being quite young when I got my first one and I spent about a week in bed thinking I was dying. My parents, concerned obviously, took me to a number of various physicians in an effort to figure out what happened. It took a surprising amount of time to come up with a diagnosis of migraine. My mother thought I was having a stroke. But even when we did figure it out, the problems were only beginning.

They have come up with all sorts of treatments and remedies for migraine headaches over the years, and few of them work well. In my case, most of them accomplished nothing. I remember the first thing I tried was some sort of biofeedback noise. The headaches kept coming. Over the years I tried painkillers, magnesium supplements, and a host of other remedies that would supposedly provide permanent relief. None of them did anything. The worst part of all of this was the despair that set in. It got so I dreaded feeling one coming on, and my migraines interfered with living a healthy life.

Then a friend suggested going to see a chiropractor. I thought it ridiculous, but like all the other things I decided to give it a try. Through a series of visits that involved massages and adjustments to my neck and spine, coupled with a dietary plan that cut out things like salt, my headaches actually greatly diminished. They didn’t go away entirely, which I doubt will ever happen, but I am definitely getting fewer headaches. Before I would be laid up about once every two months. Now it’s maybe twice a year. The improvement is dramatic and liberating!

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